Protect Your Data

Young Businesswoman depressed looking at laptopIf you’ve ever lost a hard drive, you know the devestating impact of losing important files and folders you depend on to run your business. Contracts and contact information, financial records, unreplaceable pictures and videos, lost with no hope of recovery, in the blink of an eye.

Today’s hard drives store hundreds of gigabytes – even terabytes! That’s a lot of valuable data to have disappear for ever. Even worse, permanently losing critical information can not only put you out of work – it can put you out of business!

It’s not as if you don’t know that you should backup your crtical business data. In fact, odds are you probably made an honest attempt, but one thing or another got in the way. So here you are, reading this page… more importantly, you’re looking for a solution that you can actually afford, manage and use consistently. Well you’re in luck

The Problem With Backups

Backing up your data is like life insurance: both are valuable and important, but their benefits are invisible  — until the moment you actually need them. At that point, if they weren’t already in place, they won’t protect you against the current emergency.

So why aren’t you backing up your data? If you aren’t, you’re not alone: over half of all U.S. Small Businesses lack an adequate backup plan. In fact, nearly a third consider backing up their company data too much of a hassle to bother with.

It’s not that you don’t know how important your business data is – after all, that’s the reason you have computers, thumb drives, DropBox accounts and whatever else. The problem isn’t you, it’s US: the geeks who are supposed to make computers simple and easy to use. Until now, all backup solutions have been designed for the few computers you have at home, or for corporate environments with dozens or hundreds of computers, servers, networks, etc. They either don’t really do enough or are too expensive and complicated to be considered.

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What makes our solution different?

  • It’s cheap: the entire solution costs less than buying a new server
  • It’s simple: truly “set and forget”, it works with built-in Windows command, so there’s nothing new to learn or memorize
  • It’s yours: this isn’t software you license – it’s a service you own, free and clear