An Entrepreneur’s Journey

Cornell D. Green

Dec 01

Operation Hope ETP Graduation – Harlem

Ending the year with bright beginnings!

Cornell Green attends the graduation of Operation Hope‘s Entrepreneurial Training Programat the Harlem branch of Popular Community Bank.

As always, he has had the privilege and pleasure of leading the first session of this 12-week program, attending the graduations and sending off each group of aspiring entrepreneurs to a future of potential Small Business success.

Nov 16

Operation Hope ETP Graduation – Bronx

Cornell Green attends the ceremony of another graduating cohort of Operation Hope‘s Entrepreneurial Training Program.

It has always been his great pleasure to lead the first session of this 12-week program, and attend the graduations to send off each group of aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey toward business success.

Sep 15

“Do Business BETTER!” book launch


Five years of creating and delivering Small Business development presentations and workshops results in the first book from Cornell D. Green – “Do Business BETTER!“, an examination of the major reasons Small Businesses fail, which introduces a practical approach to the structure of doing business properly, then Doing it BETTER!

Published September 15th on

Sep 12

Web Development Certificate Program for CCNY


This Fall, Cornell will be delivering a three-course web development certificate program he created for the City College of New York (CCNY), teaching practical Small Business web design and how to apply the “3 Cs” of CPR Connect, Capture and Convert – to build more effective Small Business websites.

Aug 17

Interview by Franne McNeal, MBA – Significant Business Results radio


Cornell is interviewed by his first business coach on her radio show, where guests share their significant story behind being an entrepreneur, and lessons learned in their journey to achieving Significant Business Results.

Hosted by “FranneTastic!” Franne McNeal, MBA, Significant Business Results Coach, Speaker, Author, Radio and TV Host.

Aug 08

East New York Restoration LDC – Small Business Workshop

In association with the East New York Restoration LDC and Operation Hope, Cornell Green conducts a Small Business Workshop at the New Lots branch of the Brooklyn Public Library.

Mar 18

SUNY – Rising Enterprise Summit workshop

Cornell Green leads a workshop at the SUNY Rising Enterprise Summit, at the SUNY Global Center

Dec 04

Cornell Makes an Impact


Cornell Green is recognized for his work with Operation Hope’s Enterpreneurial Training Program, as featured instructor. Cohorts in Harlem, Brooklyn and the Bronx have benefitted from the Small Business CPR concepts and methods shared with each cohort for nearly three years.

Jul 08

BronxNet OPEN Interview by Dr. Bob Lee

Sep 10

Blue Tech Initiative Facebook Page


The founding partners – Cornell D. Green, Elruby Thomas and George Williams, Jr. band together and form the public Facebook group “Blue Tech Initiative“, to share the message of BTI and the CPR method

Jul 08

Kingsborough Community College – College For Kids

May 01

Black Tech Initiative Facebook group


Looking to combine the power of Social Media and the connections with nearly a dozen local area minority IT professionals, Cornell forms the Black Tech Initiative.

Launched in a conference call on the 1st of May, 2012, a private Facebook group is created later that month…

Sep 26

The 8th Annual Harlem Business Economic Summit


On the strength of his first IT workshop for HBA, Cornell is invited to participate as a featured speaker at the “Technology to the Rescue: Solutions for Everyday Problems” discussion at their 8th Annual Harlem Business Economic Summit, at the Adam Clayton Powell Jr, State Office Building, with fellow panelists: Lloyd C. Grant, Publisher of the KIP Business Report and Derrick B. Webster, CEO at Vanguard Consulting Group.

Sep 08

Small Business IT Toolkit course at Harlem Business Alliance


Believing that knowledge is power, Cornell presents his first Small Business IT workshop. This PowerPoint presentation was the beginning of what is now the Small Business CPR curriculum

Aug 22

Open Source CIO blog launches


Leveraging the power of the web log or “blog”, Cornell launches the Open Source CIO blog, to discuss the value of technology from a Small Business perspective

Sep 11

CommunIT Solutions is Born!


Five years to the day after NYC’s greatest tragedy, Cornell D. Green forms the Small Business IT consultancy 21st Century CommunIT Solutions, to bring the IT skills developed from a decade and a half of working for Wall Street firms such as Lehman Brothers and Paine Webber to the service of local-area Small Business owners and operators

Sep 11

An Entrepreneur’s Journey Begins…


CommunIT Solutions is a NYC-area IT Service business: 21st Century CommunIT Solutions, formed in 2006 by Cornell D. Green to create solutions that benefit the NYC Small Business community, and profit the businesses themselves.

This is his story